Most of us are acquainted, one way or another with the pains caused by abortion. Not just for the child but the mother, father and abortionist often later comes to the knowledge of how God feels about the unborn. Exodus 21:22-23, shows that God counts the life of the unborn who is murdered to be equal to the life of the adult that caused it. He was to lose his life for causing the death of the unborn. Now think of what that justly means.

There are also scriptures that show that God writes the unborn up in the book of life before they are formed in the womb of their mother. (Psalm 139: 13-16) Jeremiah was told straight out by God that he knew him before he formed in the womb and that he was given a commission to be a prophet before he was born:
 Jeremiah 1:3-5.

Here is one you may or may not have thought of. When the blessed Mary the Mother of Yeshua (Jesus) became pregnant, scripture says that Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, was already in her 6
th month.  Mary then left and spent about 3 months with Elizabeth. That means the Yeshua (Jesus) was a FETUS as little as a week or two in the womb. Yet he was called MY LORD by Elizabeth. And John the Baptist leaped for Joy and was filled with the Holy Spirit in his second trimester.

I have written articles and FB posts about the unborn. The point of this article is to show an answer to the question of what is God going to do with the babies and the UNBORN aborted whom he has shown to be of equal life as adults. You can see that if they are considered to be equals then these unborn will have to be dealt with just like any other equal human. If you are like me, you were taught that Jesus is coming back to Save Christians and destroy the world. This is not true.
I did a short summary about the order of the salvation plan for all people, from the words of Yeshua (Jesus).  You would do well to read it, so that you may be a little surer about what I am about to say.

In short YHVH God summarized his whole salvation plan in the feast days that the people of God are called on to act out as yearly plays.

1. Passover (killing of the blemish less lamb = Preaching of the Gospel
2. Unleavened bread = continually overcoming leaven (SINFUL LIFE)
3. Wave sheaf offering being cut from ground = Resurrection of first fruits (Jesus)
4. Some 50 days later Shavuot (Pentecost) = giving of the Spirit of God as a gift.
5. Feast of Trumps = time of the Tribulation; the rime of heavenly signs; the time of the SECOND COMING of Christ at the 7
th Trumpet; Resurrection OF the first fruits and the WRATH  of God on those who mistreated his first fruits..
6. Feast of atonement – AT - ONE –MENT, Israel is reconciled with God and many raised from the dead will really be one in Spirit and rulers with Christ.
7. Tabernacles = Gospel will be preached to the entire world, to every nation, race and tongue, regardless of their beliefs and that they did not know Christ. They will tabernacle in the flesh for a time like Christians had to do in the previous age. ONLY THIS WILL BE STRICTER, since they will begin to live in a much better world.
8. Feast of the last Great day.. After the 1,000 year reign of Christ. The time Martha told Jesus, that she knew her brother Lazarus would be raise. Jesus told her a few things she did not understand. Mainly that some would not have to wait until then. There would be different orders to the resurrection. In fact there would be resurrections. Paul explained in 1
st Corinthians 15 that those resurrections would be in the order below:
(a) Yeshua (Jesus) the first fruits.
(b) Those who belong to Christ at his coming (Christians)
(c) Then the resurrections at the End; ones of both the just and unjust. After this time Christ will give the Kingdom back up to the Father and be subject to him. He must rule until the last enemy (death) is eliminated.

Thus (c)  is the time of that resurrection of the last great day, which represents the time (100 years is mentioned in scripture) All people since Adam will be raised; scripture calls it the REST of the dead. Rev. 20:5, 12. This is the time that Jesus told the leaders in his earthly ministry that The Queen of Sheba who lived about 900 BC; the men of Ninevah who live about 700 BC and the Pharisees and Sadducees of 1 century AD will all be raised together; and some will condemn that generation by what were their righteous actions. Yeshua (Jesus) said this. Just think then; this is the time when there will be no more tiny babies and a limit will be put on the age people will be allowed before they are accursed. This is depicted in Isaiah chapter 65, which speaks of many of the exact same things that are in the last chapters of the book of Revelation. Verse Twenty says, " There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed." ** I will show you a near mystery, in a moment but let us continue.

Remember Jesus has said that OF SUCH, speaking of little children is the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus knows that CHILDREN will make up the bulk of those people who have ever lived and never got a chance to reach an age to fully understand and make mature choices. There also is and were little children Aborted or killed in War. This includes those little ones whom God told Moses to put to death among wicked people to be removed out of his land. Yes God being certain of what he was and is going to do, knew it was more merciful to raise those children at a future planned time. But this planned time, will be the time that will be somewhat like today. Satan will be loosed and he will go out to deceive those nations of resurrected people.

** Here is the near mystery. Paul could look at the law and the prophets and things like what Jesus told Martha; that  he was the resurrection and the life that a person who believed in him and  had died will live again, but he that would be living (when he comes) would never die.. He could see and showed that at the second coming the dead in Christ would rise first and those still alive would just be changed from mortal to immortal while standing upon their feet. How could that be since it is appointed to men ONCE to die and AFTER THAT the resurrection? Because legally, Christ's death had put them to death and legally they are already dead in the flesh. Many over the centuries who told us to ignore legalities, were leading people in error about that matter; and hiding much understanding by doing so. This is so because that which is not done legally is done illegally.

Remember Job and how Satan had accused man to God; first calling man a prostitute only obeying if God pays them and later claiming that Man would do any thing to save his own life. Although Job said a few foolish things he never would turn from God, saying, "even if he kills me, I will trust in him.” Well the young man Elihu (of the house of Ram) corrected him about being saved from the pit of death. He said in JOB chapter 33: 22 Yea, his soul draweth near unto the grave, and his life to the destroyers. 
23  If there be a messenger with him, an interpreter, one among a thousand, to shew unto man his uprightness: 
24  Then he is gracious unto him, and saith, Deliver him from going down to the pit: I have found a ransom. 
25  His flesh shall be fresher than a child's: he shall return to the days of his youth: 

NOW understand this; even men have learned of something on the end of DNA strands called telomeres that seems to me to record perfectly your past glorious youth. But as you live those Telomeres literally unwind and the more they unwind the older you get. So what we seems to have here is FOUND A WAY scientifically that God can rewind a person back to his youth. But get this; it also could be information (all of which would have been recorded in your spirit) that after God raises you from the dead by your spirit, he could wind or rewind you forward or backwards, so that a person who died of very old age could and would be brought back as a very young person. Or a person aborted as a fetus can be wound forward as a young lad of any age, but as scripture says there will be no longer an infant of days.

Now God can do this any way he wants to but it would seem that he made this for a reason. I said all this so that those who are living in anguish and agony over a child or love one may rightly divide the word of God. That way they can see how God has shown that he has a plan to deal with all nations and people and Children. If you aborted a child for instance and now feel dirty or guilty. Understand that your child will rise again and have a chance to live and choose Christ or not. That is a freedom that child will have. If the Child chooses Christ, which is the only way to salvation, HE WILL LOVE YOU TOO. On the other hand, if you destroy your self thinking some how that the blood of the CREATOR Yeshua hahashiach (Jesus  Christ) is not sufficient to cleanse you; then you will have in effect called his blood an unclean thing and thus you have no way out of your misery except death. In the meanwhile the child may make eternal life. What a missed opportunity of a reunion that would be! So turn to Christ, forgetting those things in the past and looking forward to being part of the blessed side of finishing the plan of God as one of his children.

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