Bill Sullivan     Feast Of Trumpets


YOM TERUAH (The Day of Trumpets) Begins at sundown today.

The New Moon was spotted in Israel. The first sliver of it indicates the beginning of the 7th month. It also indicates the beginning of the Day of Trumpets at Sundown, today Oct 2, 2016. The first part of the evening dark period, we call night begins each day; the way God counts time. The evening and the morning was the first day; and so forth.

The time of the Day of Trumpet was and is a time that no man can know, because they could not always tell by human eye when the 1st month would begin. Weather or the condition of the barley could delay the day for a day of so, or a month if the barley was not Aviv

Yeshua (Jesus) knowing that he would return at the Feast (rehearsal) of Trumpets used that yearly acted out example to show that likewise, no one will know the day and hour of his return.

This week, we have summarized how that Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled the spring feast at his first coming; on the exact days and dates the Jews rehearsed them for 1500 years. He will likewise fulfill the fall rehearsals on the exact days also, but we cannot now tell what day and hour his coming will be. Just like the rehearsals signify.

What we have been able to do in those short Face book summaries is to present what Yeshua (Jesus) says will be the order of the BIG PICTURE:

1. Great tribulation = where the world will persecute the people of God.

2. Heaven signs = signifies and happens immediately after that tribulation and before the Day of the Lord

3. The Day of the LORD = His punishment of the WORLD for what they will have done to us.

Thus there is NO pre-tribulation rapture..... Read the Apostle Paul in first Corinthians, chapter 15, beginning at the 35th verse all the way through the 58 verse.. It shows that the first resurrection takes place at the last Trumpet. That is when they will be changed from flesh to spirit beings.. You cannot get to heaven as fleshy humans as Paul explains. And if as some believe you are already spirits and will come back with him, then there is NO NEED for a resurrection. It makes the Gospel STUPID in that it is trying to get you eternal life and immortality which you would already have... There would be no need for what Paul is talking about at the last trumpet.

It also clarifies that error that many teach, which is that the WRATH of God is the same as the tribulation. So, THEY WILL SHOW A PASSAGE THAT WE ARE NOT APPOINTED TO wrath AND then try to persuade folk that, it means the tribulation. As we have shown it does not. It is IMPOSSIBLE.

One of the most important reasons to know this is to stay away from deception by Antichrist. BECAUSE as long as you or anyone believes the ERROR that Christians MUST be in heaven during the Tribulation; YOU CANNOT, understand when it comes. You will make up another explanation and not believe it is the time of that Antichrist or that it is the final days. You may then support what you think is lesser evils, waiting for THAT TIME and not know you are participating in it. This election cycle shows how that works with Both Hillary and Trump, with people taking sides for what they THINK is the lesser evil and both sides MAD at those who say on principle, I CANNOT SUPPORT ANY EVIL..


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