The fight between the Soros coalition, who wants to keep Washington as it is and the patriots behind the Convention of States movement to reset the Constitution to original principles; can at some point be ended quickly. Here is how.

We challenge the Soros coalition by doing the below
WE have another COS simulation:
* Each state allow the Soros team to choose majority delegates
* Let them scheme secretly to make a runaway COS and pass silly amendments
* If they are able to do either, each member of the Soros team gets $2,000 dollars for their time and cost for a possible 2 day simulation.

* If they cannot prove that they can corrupt the process and destroy constitutional principles, they get nothing and agree that their argument has been in error or be known for advocating a falsehood.

WHY will this work?
1. Because the media all but ignored the first simulation, they will not at that time ignore this one.
2. The Soros team will either take the challenge or it will indicate that they know they have been conniving with error.
3. It will also be shown that IF THEY VIOLATE there commissions given by the people through their legislatures:
(a) They could be withdrawn as commissioners
(b) They could be prosecuted in some states (simulated of course)
(c) Anything outside of their commission would be mute
(d) That is they are limited and cannot just make up stuff as they go along.
4. Anything within their commission but against the people and their legislature’s wishes will be rejected by the people and their legislatures.

** We could raise funds to do this via Go Fund me if necessary

EVEN with a clear majority rigged to do evil, they will not be able to do so. This would be a come to Jesus moment for all Americans; proving the wisdom once again of the Founding Fathers. It is not true and never has been that only the 3 branches in Washington can be trusted.  We can see how that has worked out the last 100 years or so.

this is a separate thing. but I would during the simulation, all the minority to consider the 2 amendment at the link below. Just FYI. It would be nice to know what the Soros crowd would do with them.





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