Audio Drama Of Story Of Job
Part 5



Job: "Let the day parish of which I was born and the
night in which it was said there is a man child conceived.
Let the stars of the twilight of it be dark. Let it look for
light and have none, neither let it see the dawning of day
because it shut not the doors of my mothers womb. Nor
had sorrow hidden my eyes. Why didn't I die from my
mothers womb. Why did I have to breath when I came
out of the belly, instead of lying still and quiet. I would
be at rest. There the wicked cease from troubling. And
the weary be at rest. The small and the great are there.
And the servant is free from his master."

Job after pausing a good while continued."Why is life
 given to him that is in misery? Which longs for death
but it does not come. He digs for it more than hidden
 treasure. The thing that I greatly feared has come upon
 me. And that which I feared has happened to me.
 I was not in safety and neither had I rest, nor was
I quiet, still trouble came."

Jobs friends couldn't stand hearing him say such
things, after all the bulk of experiences in their
 lives proved that God blessed a good man.

Eliphaz: "If we try to speak to you, will you be
upset about it? But who can hold back from
 commenting. Look you have instructed many.
 You have strengthen the weak hand, and by
 your own words you have up holding the fallen
 and he that had weak knees. But now it's come
 upon you and you faint. Remember I pray you,
who ever perished being innocent? Even as I
have seen, they that plow iniquity and sow
wickedness reap the same."

"Now a secret thing was shown to me and I
understood a little. In the night when deep
sleep comes upon a man. A fear came upon
 me that made my bones to shake, and a
spirit passed before my face. The hair on
my flesh stood up. It stood still. I could not
discern the shape of it. An image was before
me. It was silent and I heard a voice saying,
shall mortal man be more just than God?
Shall a man be more pure than his maker?"

"His angels he charges with folly. He makes
sore and he binds up. In famine he shall deliver
you from death. In war from the edge of a sword.
You shall be hidden from scourge of the tongue. Neither
will you be afraid of destruction when it comes. At
destruction and famine you will laugh. You will know
that your dwelling will be in peace, and your children
shall be like the grass of the earth. You shall go to
your grave like a full ear of corn, in the proper season.
Now if we have reasoned these things for certain. So
 know this for your own good."

Job: "To him that is afflicted, pity should be shown
from his friends. I did not ask for any of your help.
Teach me and I will hold my peace. Cause me to know
wherein I have errored. Do you imagine reproving the
words and speeches of one that is desperate, which
are as the wind." 

Job: "Is there not an appointed time for man upon
the earth? So I am made to endure months of vanity
 and worrisome nights appointed to me. When I lie
down I say when should I arise, and the morning be
I continue to toss too and fro until the dawning
of the day. My flesh is closed with worms and clots of dirt.