Audio Drama Of Story Of Job
Part 3



Messenger 1: "The oxen were plowing, the asses
feeding beside them and Sabeans came and
killed all your servants there and took off. I
am the only one that escaped. Now before he
finished speaking another messenger arrived."

Messenger 2: "The fire of God is falling from
heaven and burned up the sheep, your servants
and consumed them. I escaped alone to tell you.
And before he could finish speaking another
messenger arrived."

Now Heylel, the Satan, was busy causing destruction
that was sure to devastate Job. He manipulated the
weather in a way that only a super being could. Using
it as his very own weapon of mass destruction.

 Messenger 3: Cutting in on the continued chatter of
the others. "The Chaldeans made out 3 bands and have
killed your servants and taken your 3,000 camels. I am
the only one left alive to inform you."

Heylel after conducting some supernatural atmospheric
gathers near by Job with his top cronies to await the final
knockout blow. Then he and many of his fellow beings
hovered around Job invisibly. They dare not miss the
fruit of their labor.

Before the third messenger had finished talking, a
fourth arrived. 

Messenger 4: "Your sons and daughters were eating
and drinking wine at there eldest brothers house.
There came a great wind from the direction of the
wilderness and totally destroyed the house and it
killed all of them. I am the only one that escaped
to inform you."

Job rose, tore his mantle, shaved his head and fell
down to the ground to worship.

Job: "Naked I came out of my mothers womb and
naked I shall return. The Elohim gave and the Elohim
took away. Blessed be the name of the Elohim".

During this entire episode Job did not sin or think
hard of the Elohim.

Heylel turned himself from side to side as one fit
to be tied. And all his leading spirits said not, but
watched. Finally he laughed and they laughed too.

Heylel: "Do you realize We just got Eloi to go along
with destroying his favorite. The idiot still trusted
Elohim, but like i've always said the man is all about
self. Now energize yourselves because it is still in
our hands, and I will open his eyes yet."

The others became excited again. Heylel and his team
went about promoting the idea that this happened
to Job because he is not pleasing to God. Nor were
his children. Many of his relatives and friends left off
associating with him. Even the children of foul men
found him in contempt. People had for so long held
him as the top and the first of helpers and advisors
but now, but he must be a sinner so awful things
come upon him, and his seed.

Time passed. Jobs grief remained.




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