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THE LOVE STORIES in the *audio drama In Our Image produced by POB Production shows something not often understood. YHVH God is doing something with man that is extraordinary. After the rebellion of the beautiful and perfect being called Heylel and Satan, God decided that the way to create a being that ends up better than perfect and guaranteed not to sin is to recreate himself. And it could not be robotic being. If it was it would not have free will like himself.

Let us make man in our image, after out likeness, indicates just what it says. That he would make a person LIKE Him; that would have all the fullness of God.  He is causing us to experience what it means to live and be responsible for all things. He divided man into 2 parts, which comes from the same set of DNA so that they would be part of one Family. God is a family of a Father and Son. Once finished and complete, man would RULE the universe as children of the Family of God. Woman is thus given the power to become the producers and nurturer of the future rulers of the universe. That is an awesome and wonderful thing. All who comes into being has to search out and choose if they want this or not. In this vane YHVH God decided that you would really have free will to do the darndest things and all your life you have opportunity. As Scripture says the grace of God THAT LEADS to salvation has appeared to all men. Each will in the end have a good opportunity to make a bad or good decision. Life and Love has been determined by him to be the most important things one can possess. Others things are good but they come after these. He has determined that love is being like himself in the way you treat others. In addition, only those beings who are in his image, or LIKE HIM, can and will be able to fully understand and love him back as he loves them.

MEN who stalk and seek to force women to love them is thus the exact opposite of what God would ever want ruling the universe. He might as well just go with Satan, if that was the case. After all he started out perfect. Each person is flesh and not some immortal soul. God gave each of us a spirit that we can (for want of a better word) program with his help but not without our own will. As Scripture says, make you a new heart; make you a new spirit. Even if we die and we are appointed to do so ONCE; God can raise us from the dead if we can but some way become NOT GUILTY for disobeying him and deserve life. He can take that spirit that we programmed and restore us in flesh. Or he will remake us in an immortal body is we have put on his own character. So you see you cannot and will not be made immortal until you have taken on the character of YHVH God. Once that is complete; at the resurrection, we will have permanently taken on the attributes of God himself. Just like this is acted out in our lives when our children inherits our own DNA and physical attributes; we will inherit the character of God.

We are often so into finding little snippets of scriptures to make ourselves feel psychologically better that we miss the whole point. What God is doing is not just a word study to gain a philosophical point of view. No, this is about transformation. Now in mind and later in a putting on immortality by which you will be able to control the elements of the universe like our Father God. It is a new creation; not in philosophy but in reality, through this process, that will not happen by fiat of God but by cooperation between Him and humans, created for this very purpose and by God. And in this world, as scriptures says, NOW we are the children of God (just like a baby is your child before it is born) Scripture goes on to say, if does not yet appear what we SHALL BE, bit we know that when he appears, we will be made like him. But in this world, though we be stressed out of portions, we are made to be able to over come. There is never a situation that we cannot overcome. And though we are taught to be loving and merciful and patient to others, many do not know that in them, if they have his Spirit, dwells the power of the universe to overcome anything. But God, so that you have true freewill making this all worthwhile, will allow you to be stressed to the point of death. As it is written, they loved not their lives, even to the death. Christ became partaker of all this as a real life human being. He was stressed to the point until veins popped in his body and he sweated blood. That is an extreme medically known situation that happens when a person is stressed to the point of death.
Matthew 26:38

“Then saith he unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me.” 

Luke 22:44 (puts the situation as the below)
And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.

This, all of us need to remember as Paul said and have the sentence of death in ourselves. And if so, no matter what we will then always have the power to overcome. We need to therefore remember that the weapons of our warfare are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. So like the Apostle Paul we need to learn to glory in every temptation, tribulation and distresses; knowing that when we are weakest, that is in fact when we are strongest. Why? Because whatever happens, God will NEVER let it get beyond your ability as long as you know he is faithful. That means the weaker you are the more God uses his power to keep you just at the point that your effort will allow you to overcome. Christians need to understand this and learn to use these times, gladly as opportunities to grow in character.

So it is all a love story and the church is pictured as a bride and Yeshua (Jesus) as the bridegroom.  Now as Paul alluded, all our struggles and agonies are then become opportunities to grow into that which is needed to rule all the galaxies. The church is not a community of SICK FOLK as some claim, but growing children; being raised by God to gain the fullness of all that is in God himself. We are or should be maturing to be the future masters of the universe.

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