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If you are an Atheist, you know a lot of things that are only in your own mind and each one of you can think he or she knows significantly differently. If you are a believer in God, at the least you have a foundation for a logical universe to exist but there can be as many diverse ideas as the atheists have.

There is ONE BOOK, unlike any other on earth that has predicted more than 6 thousand years of future events. In which various templates are presented that are outlines of the future until, it claims, there will be a new heavens and Earth. Via these templates, once known, are direct times, dates, and years with events that could not have been made by any man or group of men because we have records of these writings that are more than 2300 years old. When we decided to treat this record called the Bible as if it really were the word of God. That is counting each word or phrase to be coming from the creator. Then nothing could be more important and it changed everything.

So we at POB production decided to do two things, Tell the story told in the Bible in an audio drama format and as if it is the truth and not RELIGION. This changes everything in the way you see the universe. All of a sudden, every word means more that all words man can ever speak and you want to know things a religious believer may never think of. Now you want to know:
1. Why the universe exist?
2. Why Satan and the angels exist?
3. Why man exist?
4/ How do you create any being in the universe, with free will, that can keep its free will and still be guaranteed not to ever violate the rules?

Another thing we found that is just as easy to prove as anything is that the New Testament is the playing out, the fulfillment, they completion of what was predicted in various forms by what people call the old testament. It is a supped up agreement with advanced powers by which people can do more perfectly what they found little power to understand and do under the old agreement. But there are a couple of things many professes Christians do not seem to believe the way it is presented in the New Testament. These two are:
1. There were to be TWO stumblings:
(a) The Jews were to stumble over Christ and the Gospel
(b) The Christians, who had Jews as examples that it might not happen to them, were to stumble in the last days over the Torah (instructions, law)

In Fact because of misunderstanding concerning ‘(b)’ Paul, Peter, James and John explained how a major part of the professing church would turb from the truth and be turned to fables (pagan myths) and as peter explained, they would be the ones that causes the world to speak evil of TRUTH.

What we try to do well, therefore is not just tell the story of the Bible but, create audio characters to place it the world at each stage of the events are predicted by God, so that people might enjoy seeing how people of different characters might deal with the events of those days presented. We start the story from before the earth ever was and like the old soap operas, ALSO, intermittently present what is happening in the last days that was predicted in prior ages.

All of POB’s Biblical audio dramas that are primarily doctrinaire presentations are ALWAYS FREE! to you and all. Yet a lady asked me a very important question. She asked, “does it not cost to have voice actors and actresses? Isn’t their time also valuable? Did not the Bible say that a laborer is worthy of his hire?” “Yes”, I answered her. Then she said, “You know the Apostle Paul indicated that it was Christians responsibility to fund the work of the Gospel.” She was right, but I have seen so much money play by ministers that I have a reaction against seeming to be in search for it. The Apostle Paul did too. But I think I will leave a donate button and leave that up to the hearts of those who care to support what we do. Below is a perfect and wonderful example of portions of the story we always give FREE. It is the story of Job. Click the link below the intro and listen to a great story. Let us know what you think.
The Story Of Job

Audio Drama

There was a man who lived in the east named
Job. This man was perfect and upright in the
eyes of Elohim. He feared God and hated evil.
This man had so great material possessions that
he was the greatest of all the men of the east. He
had seven sons and three daughters for whom
he as family priest offered sacrifices continually
because they feasted so much. Job knew that
they potentially might sometimes despised the
thought of God.

The Story Of Job

However now; although we give away all doctrinal work Free, we do not mind people paying for the fictional part of the story line. It comes with a main character love story and stories of other characters. 8 hours and 48 minutes audio is on sale for $19.97 on Audiobooks dot com. However we think we will add a download for about $5 dollars. Below is an example of the character stories embeded in the whole story. It will allow people to identify with many chartacters, making the story very interesting, even to less religious types. Check out 'the Peril of Dana' below by clicking the link below the intro.

The Perils Of Dana

Audio Drama





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